"Our Business Is Building Your Business"
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Design / Build
  • BCA takes great pride to be invited to work with an owner. BCA will help turn a dream “sketch on a napkin” into a finished site and building
  • BCA works in-house with the owner to help develop initial ideas, scopes, building use and sketches into a working preliminary design at an affordable budget
  • BCA will utilize modern, real time computer programs to price current steel and component trends. Combined with our actual recent cost history from similar completed projects; BCA can estimate a project before it goes out to the streets for bids. BCA does not work a “guestimate”. This is critical to earn an owner’s trust, comfort and business
  • BCA works closely with local design experts, engineers and architects to draw the projects within the owner’s intended use, scope, track, and budget while maintaining compliance with newest construction methods and current building codes
  • BCA will work efficiently to navigate the many detours and road blocks common in today’s government when obtaining a new construction permit
  • BCA will man the project with highly skilled supervision and constructors to assure the job is built on schedule and within budget